Paddy Jones Rest in Peace

It’s so sad to hear of the passing of Paddy Jones. In 2019 we helped release a series of videos from an interview with Paddy in late 2018. He was in brilliant form and his great insight into the music of Sliabh Luachra, learning from Padraig O’Keeffe and just general talk about the soul of all music was heart warming and inspiring. We really hoped this was just to be the first of many times we’d get to work with Paddy.

Most musicians shy away from talking about the magic behind the ABCs but Paddy loved to discuss it. He seemed to have an intimate relationship with the music and seeing and hearing him bring out a tune was a real enchanting experience. Instead of teasing the music from his fiddle it seemed to weave it around him. And all the time Paddy would be grunting and muttering as if instructing invisible forces. He really was special. Rest in peace Paddy 🙂

Events Festival

World Fiddle Day Scartaglin Virtual Concert 2020

World Fiddle Day Scartaglin ran a virtual concert on their website and social media platforms to compensate for the fact that the usual celebration had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

While it’s sad that we couldn’t make it to Scartaglin everyone will agree that this video concert really shows off the fine fiddle playing from Sliabh Luachra and it’s fans around the world.

Thanks to everyone involved.


Maurice O’Keeffe Festival Online 2020

Maurice O’Keeffe Festival is a celebration of the legacy of the great Sliabh Luachra fiddle player held in Kiskeam over the Easter weekend annually.

While the physical Maurice O’Keeffe Festival 2020 couldn’t go ahead a great number of musicians took to social media to share music and mark the much loved weekend.

Find more contributions to the weekend here:

It was thanks to Timmy Collin of the Cill Mhin Comhaltas who contacted asked musician from around the area for contributions.

Hopefully we’ll see everyone in Kiskeam again for Maurice O’Keeffe festival 2021.


Biographies and Photos

World Fiddle Day Scartaglin and the Handed Down Archive have kicked the ball well over the bar by creating a comprehensive collection of biographical information about Sliabh Luachra musicians past and present.

Information and pictures were collected by contributors from all over the area and while they admit themselves that you could never say that the database is complete it is a really useful page for anyone wishing to find out about players from the area. Well done to everyone involved!

Rare Sounds

The Handed Down Sliabh Luachra Audio Archive is growing all the time. Check it out now for loads of rare recordings.

Events Handed Down

Monks of the Screw Revisited -Scart Feb 22nd

Here’s my trailer to the Monks of the Screw presentation at the Handed Down Series on Sat Feb 22nd in Scart. Similar to the one I did on Timmy Connors in 2017 I’ve recorded interviews with most of the characters about the music, the records and the people they got the tunes from.

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